AIM Leaders Council Austin Chapter

Steering the Future of AI and Analytics. Join us in driving data-driven innovation and nurturing growth in the dynamic landscape of Austin's technology sector.

Connect with Top Decision Makers in Data & Analytics

Our mission is to nurture a community of thought leaders, innovators, and industry experts committed to advancing AI and data-driven technologies in San Francisco's flourishing tech scene.
In this rapidly evolving digital age, the AIM Leaders Council serves as a platform to exchange ideas, promote cutting-edge research, and conduct crucial dialogues about the future of AI and data analytics. Join us as we explore the transformative potential of these tools and shape the future of Austin's digital economy.

Network with Industry Leaders

Joining the AIM Leaders Council Austin Chapter offers you the opportunity to connect with a diverse network of AI and data analytics professionals, thought leaders, and innovators. Leverage the collective wisdom and collaboration opportunities in this tech-savvy city that can accelerate your career or business forward.

Stay Updated with Cutting-Edge Trends

As a member of the AIM Leaders Council Austin, you'll be at the cutting edge of the latest advancements in AI and data analytics. Through seminars, workshops, and collaborative discussions, you'll explore groundbreaking research and trends, ensuring you remain at the forefront of innovation in the heart of the tech industry.

Shape the Future of AI and Data Analytics

By joining the AIM Leaders Council, you have the unique opportunity to shape the trajectory of AI and data analytics in Austin and beyond. Through thought leadership and active participation, you can influence the decision-making processes that will chart the future of these game-changing technologies.

Our Members Community

Ruble Joseph

Global Data Science, Analytics and AI Practice at eClerx

Ashwin Thota

Principal Data Scientist at Bose

Raj Babu

Founder and CEO at Agilisium

Krishnaswamy Divakaran

Analytics Director at Independent Consulting

Moez Ali

Founder and Creator at PyCaret

Muthu Chandra

Chief Data Scientist at Ascendion

Prashanth Sarpamale

Chief Data and Analytics Officer at Oak Street Health

Sreenivas Gadhar

Vice President, Global Data and Analytics - Engineering and Delivery at Marsh McLennan

Venkat Gopalan

Chief Digital, Data & Technology Officer at Belcorp

Satyam Priyadarshy

Managing Director & Chief Data Scientist at Halliburton

Karthikeyan Ramasamy

Chief Analytics Officer at Guardian Industries

Joe Kleinhenz

VP - Data Science, Auto Line at Allstate

Jeffery Carson

Vice President, Journey Analytics & Operations at Synchrony

Satheesh Ramachandran

Head of AI and Analytics Product at Charles Schwab

Venkatesh Shivanna

Technical Director II, Data & AI Engineering at Electronic Arts (EA)

Amitabh Mishra

Executive, Data & Analytics, US Pharma & Oncology at Novartis

Himanshu Baral

Vice President, AI-CoE - Consumer Lending, Community Banking, Business Banking at Wells Fargo

Trey Connolly

VP, Data & Analysis at Digitas North America

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