Inviting all CDOs and AI Leaders to become a part of our exclusive community designed specifically for C-suite professionals!

Engage with a network of peers who align with your interests and professional goals.

Immerse yourself in a vibrant local network uniquely crafted for Chief Data Officers (CDOs) and AI Leaders - a congregation that reflects your aspirations, empathizes with your challenges, and resonates with your business ethos.

As privileged members of this elite assembly, we come together several times a year - a symphony of minds where connections are woven, ideas are exchanged, experiences are shared, and data & AI strategies are honed to perfection.

Guiding us on this transformative journey is a council of esteemed C-level veterans, who light our path with a beacon of 'Peer Power.' This model embodies a shared wisdom exclusively curated by C-level maestros, tailored for the titans shaping the future of data and AI.

Immersive Programs

• Dive into dynamic, year-round events - both in-person and virtual - with your local cohorts.

• Indulge in unparalleled collaborative discussions, delving deep into the most critical and pertinent issues of today.

• Foster valuable connections with peers navigating similar challenges, facilitating a unique synergy.

Enriching Insights

• Swap validated strategies, solutions, and fresh ideas with your contemporaries.

•Gain privileged access to community insights, including best practices and survey results, to measure your organization against others.

•Draw wisdom from the experiences of other leaders, leveraging partner recommendations to tackle your challenges.

Meaningful Connections

• Forge new bonds through facilitated networking opportunities, including tailor-made 1:1 peer meetups.

• Advance and refine your career through our exclusive mentorship programs within this network.

• Cultivate enduring relationships and stay in touch with peers and colleagues in this ever-evolving industry."

Check for Eligibility

Membership in the AIM Leadership Council is by invitation-only. Candidates interested in joining must meet certain criteria. The Data Science unit they head must satisfy at least three of six conditions below.
The candidate should either of the following:
If you think you are eligible for membership in the Council, please fill out the form below. Information provided will only be viewed by our internal selection committee. Please note: meeting the criteria listed above does not guarantee acceptance.

Shirsha Ray Chaudhuri

Director of Engineering at Thompson Reuters Labs

I get to learn about what other companies are doing in their space and meet outside IT experts. If at your current role you are being exposed to three ways of solving a certain problem, the opportunity to network with other leaders from different companies lets you get a very new perspective.