Connect And Collaborate With leading Experts In India's AI Industry

Build a long-lasting network of industry leaders and experts that empathise with your work problems and have the right expertise you are looking for.

Membership in the AIM Leaders Council will enable you to connect with a network of peers who

AIM will host regular meet-ups with set agendas to discuss some of the industry’s most pressing concerns. These meetings will help you find answers to questions from like-minded professionals who share experiences willingly.
Request One-on-one Introductions

Build a Business Relationship

While you will exchange cards over meet-ups and informal dinners, members will need more than that when it comes to building a business relationship. You can use our platform to go through member bios to find out the professionals within the community that you would like to be formally introduced to.
If you are unsure where to start, your relationship manager will help you find the right member. We will then set up the one-on-one introduction. These will be well-planned meetings, for which you will receive all the help you need from AIM.
Enjoy an evening with your peers and build friendships.

Attend Our Informal Dinners

AIM will host one informal dinner every quarter for all the Council members. You deserve that break!

These dinners will be an occasion to take your formal masks off and enjoy an evening full of great food! Get to know each other better and build friendships!
As an industry, we will only achieve progress if we work more as a team.

While the Council will bring everyone together, we need to understand each other at an individual level if we are to work together. These dinners will be just the right place to do that.

Reach out to the members or our relationship managers for a need on staffing, vendors or anything that the larger community can help.

Seek Help Over A Common Platform

Sometimes you will not know who in the Council can help you with your particular problem, or you might want some perspective from multiple people within the community. In such cases, we will provide you with a common platform to ask questions or raise requests.