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AIM Leaders Council is a unique community meticulously curated for executives excelling in the realm of analytics and data.

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This exclusivity nurtures a high-level dialogue and fosters unparalleled networking opportunities.

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Our structure promotes open dialogues, knowledge exchange, and mutual learning, allowing leaders to share their insights, discuss common challenges, and explore solutions in a supportive environment.

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CDO Vision New York

Empowering the Data Movement in the City that Never Sleeps. AIM Leaders Council welcomes you to our dynamic series of roundtables and events in New York, uniting North America's top data and analytics visionaries. Play a role in shaping the next era of data in this iconic, tech-driven metropolis.

Mar 22, 2024

CDO Vision San Francisco

Driving Data Transformation in the Tech Capital. AIM Leaders Council welcomes you to join our dynamic series of roundtables and events, bringing together the West Coast's foremost data and analytics trailblazers. Play a pivotal role in shaping the data frontier in this iconic, innovation-driven city.

Apr 26, 2024

CDO Vision Dallas

Empowering the Data Era at the Nexus of Innovation. AIM Leaders Council beckons you to join our dynamic series of roundtables and events, gathering North America's foremost data and analytics trailblazers. Shape the next chapter of data in this technologically advancing city of Dallas.

May 24, 2024

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Top 15 Data Delivery Heads From Large IT/ITes & Consulting Firms

Unveiling the Top 15 Data Delivery Heads from prominent IT and consulting firms, this list celebrates the individuals driving innovation, overcoming today's challenges, and leading the charge in data delivery amidst a rapidly evolving technological landscape.

Driving Business Growth: Generative AI Strategies for Enhanced ROI

The panel discussion by AIMResearch at CDO Vision NYC, underscored the critical role of generative AI in driving business innovation and efficiency across sectors.

Amplifying Pharmaceuticals with AI: Unleashing Precision from Molecule to Medicine

AI and machine learning continue to drive innovation in drug discovery, manufacturing, and personalized treatments. As these AI tools become more accessible and interpretable over the years, they will become part of the natural process within the pharmaceutical industry.

Aays Analytics Sparks Industry Dialogue on Democratizing AI/GenAI Innovation

As a premier analytics consulting firm, Aays Analytics is committed to staying at the forefront of AI and GenAI advancements and empowering organizations to unlock the transformative potential of these technologies.

AI from a perspective of South Africa with Nazareen Ebrahim

If the geopolitical narrative is anything to go by, then Africa is busy asserting itself as a powerhouse to be reckoned with and we will see that movement over the next two years.

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Connect with Top Decision Makers in Data & Analytics


Publishing informative and non-promotional content on a regular basis gives you more credibility as an industry expert, leading to more business opportunities. Members of the Council will get to publish articles on AIM.


AIM will host regular meet-ups with set agendas to discuss some of the industry’s most pressing concerns. These meetings will help you find answers to questions from like-minded professionals who share experiences willingly.

Business Growth​

Data services are expensive. Source them within the community at pocket-friendly rates!

Technical Prowess

With AIM, you gain access to professional services like branding (online & offline), high-performance campaigns and product design hackathons. What's more?

Discover Insights from Leaders

Katie Stein, Chief Strategy Officer at Genpact, explores the transformative potential of AI in business, emphasizing its role beyond productivity and its capacity to fundamentally reshape systems and processes.

Watch Damien Leach, CTO for Workday in the APJ region, discuss the company’s innovative approach to integrating AI and machine learning into their platform. Filmed at the CDO Vision Singapore conference 2023, this interview offers valuable insights into architectural integration, federated machine learning, and the philosophy of ‘humans in the loop.’

CDO Vision New York

March 2024 saw an exclusive event to connect with New York’s elite CDOs by AIM. Engage in stimulating dialogues over an intimate lunch in the heart of the city, exchanging insights on critical business issues.

The Rise of Digital Minds | Jacy Reese Anthis | Sentience Institute

Sreekanth Menon

AI/ML Leader at Genpact

“Great concept to bring all the industry leaders together into one forum. AIM pulls the community together in a very well dignified manner. They have the ecosystem and building on top of that ecosystem gives them the edge to be where AIM leadership council wants to go.”

Asked Questions

We understand you may have lots of questions about the community, how it works, and what you can and cannot do. So here’s a compilation of the most common questions we get asked.

If you have any further questions, just send us an email at info@analyticsindiamag.com.

Membership in the AIM Leadership Council is by invitation-only. Candidates who are interested in joining can fill up this application that will be reviewed by the Council. You and your company have to meet a minimum criteria. However, doing so still does not guarantee acceptance.
As a member, you will be entitled to a series of benefits that will help you and your company grow in terms of Visibility, Networking, Business Growth, and Technical Prowess.
The Council will be hosted virtually on a common platform, where all the members will have their own profile page and a common wall. The common wall can be used for different kinds of posts that will be visible to the entire Council.
Your profiles will be visible to other Council members, which will have your picture, name, bio, and email. Any other personal information including your contact details (phone number) will only be shared with other members when there is a request for a one-on-one introduction and we have permission from you to share it.
No, we completely respect your privacy. You will not get any promotional emails from AIM or any other Council members. You might get emails only for missed events or notifications, but you will have complete control over them.
No. As a member of the Council, you will get to publish 12 articles a year on AIM’s website, one each month. However, these articles will be non-promotional, on topics that have not been written before, relevant to the latest news, and will span 600-800 words each. The motive of these articles will be not to sell anything but instead educate and empower your audience. The idea is to establish trust between you and your readers that will lead to business opportunities.